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Options for profitable moneymaking for every taste

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If the salary is not high enough, you either have to change jobs, or achieve more attractive working conditions in the usual place, or take an additional load.

Where can I find another permanent source of income?

Subworking from his own boss

To begin with, you should consider getting a part-time job at the main place of service. There are two reasons for this:

  1. What if the management, after learning about your plans, offers you an increase – if only you were not distracted from the main business?
  2. It is much easier to combine several duties under the direction of the same person.

Additional employment by profession

Doctors, accountants, drivers and other professionals who often work not for the full day, you can simply get a free clock in another place.

This option has one significant advantage: if in another company an expert is able to prove himself better, he will one day probably be offered to think about permanent employment on good terms.

Freelance of various kinds

Making money on the Internet is convenient – you do not have to run to the other end of the city, you do not have to smell excessively two hours a day. Only this case, like any other, you need to learn, and in most cases – yourself.

Even the usual writing of copywriter texts to order requires special preparation. People with a philological education are very surprised when it turns out that the article for the site is not only related in meaning and grammatically verified sentences, but also some key words, meta tags, subheadings of different levels …

In addition to copywriting on the Internet, you can earn on:

  • conducting groups in social networks and editing forums;
  • provision of programming services;
  • promotion of Internet resources;
  • translations;
  • design of visual electronic materials, etc.

Are you ready to learn new things? Dare! There is plenty of publicly available educational information.

Caution: fraud!

On the myth that it is easy to work on the Web, rogues successfully parasitize. They place ads offering fantastically comfortable terms, and then in some way begin to pull money from the applicant’s wallet.

Well, still, if the applicant in time to ask yourself a question in the spirit:

Is it normal that I, the employee, have to pay a company some guarantee fee before receiving the first order?

In this case, the “firm” usually takes a “pledge”, and then disappears.

Free cheese – only in a mousetrap.

Household assistance

The simplest solution in the organizational plan is to look for sub-work on private announcements.

There are always people who need a volunteer for:

  • delivery of products to a bed patient;
  • accompanying the child to the circle and back;
  • walking the dog;
  • cleaning the apartment, etc.

No special education is required to do such work – it is enough to be responsible and diligent.

Money from a hobby

Can you make something beautiful and useful with your hands – knit beautiful things, sew stylish clothes, cut wooden boxes and spatulas?

Try to sell your products or make them to order.

To offer goods conveniently through groups in social networks and special sites like “Fair of Masters”. It is possible that the case will go well and you even decide to open the IP, turning your favorite entertainment into the main job.

In the conduct of their own business, however, there are serious difficulties . About them – a special conversation.

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