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The family had little money: how to find a way out of this situation?

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Hard to support a family — all relatives from small to large want to eat tasty, and nicely dressed.

If you are waiting for each regular paycheck as manna from heaven, it’s time to prepare the ground for constructive change.

What if the family does not have enough money?

By and large, there are only two ways to solve financial problems:

  • To reduce the costs.
  • To boost revenues.
  • You can, of course, to consider a third option — pozanti money the best of times (look for support from friends or go to the Bank for a loan).

    Only here such an approach requires caution. People who are too trusting in the loan, you risk dealing with a new and painful question — How to get out of debt?

    Ways to effectively conserve

    There are hundreds of completely legal ways to rip a significant part of the salary from the beast that is Extravagance.

    They are described in the following materials of our website:

    • how to spend less on utilities;
    • savings on mobile communication;
    • the purchase of clothing without any extra costs;
    • what is to gain by buying the products;
    • learning cheap to keep the car;
    • reduction of repair expenses etc.

    See separate guidelines for using discounts and coupons, as well as the secrets to successful bargaining with the seller.

    Think about which article of the family budget is for your family the most burdensome, and try to put it in very careful control.

    How to get more?

    First and foremost, of course, is to consider the prospect of a job change. Honestly ask yourself why you remain in this position. If you are not holding a deep commitment and a fear of sharp reversal of fortune, your sacred duty is to bring himself.

    Consider any options up to start their own business. For a start not always require substantial financial investments, sometimes you need a good plan and its willingness to truly work.

    Let’s say you have a serious reason to stay in a familiar place — not an essence important what. If so, decide on a business conversation with the chief. Or (if there are grounds) ask him to think about your raise, or ask him to trust you with additional responsibilities for a fee.

    Finally, it is worth thinking about the job. Hundreds of options — from washing the stairs in his own driveway by agreement with the neighbors to the provision of advertising texts etc services to owners of information sites.

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