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Waste of money.. What to do?

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Talk about a typical female problem — wasted money. Maybe these tips will help some of the readers now or in the future.

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Do not worry and don’t beat yourself up. Better direct the energy in a constructive direction.

Here’s what you can do.

Ways to fix the situation

To solve the problem especially easy if you missed the style, color, size or package, for example, grabbed a dress that was not to face.

In accordance with article 502 of the Civil code and article 25 of the Law “On protection of rights of consumers” the buyer has the right to exchange within two weeks from the date of purchase non-food goods of proper quality to similar goods from the seller from whom this product was purchased.

If no similar product available, the consumer may reclaim the amount paid. His requirements are met within three days.

However, there are a few “buts”. It is important that:

  • the thing was not in use and had an initial appearance;
  • survived tags and labels;
  • preserved cashier’s check (lost check, however, permissible to substitute evidence — lead to the seller of the person who was present when making a purchase).

Oh, and another detail. There is a list of goods that cannot be returned or exchanged. It includes underwear, stockings, jewelry, drugs, household chemicals, cosmetics, books, etc. (for reliability search the web for a full list).

These products actually return only in the event of a material defect.

It is also acceptable to take things that have evident shortcomings in the process used up to expiration of the warranty period.

Sell what they bought

To return the product will not work?

So, try to sell it. Take a picture of the offending thing, assign a price and publish an announcement on one of the services in the Network.

If the wasted amount is large, assign a sentence — grasp of any part time job in order to pay for any damage family budget.

How to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future

Once you know you may be tempted to throw money at a useless product, try to create for themselves a protective obstacles.

  • going to the store, bring cash only (not card!);
  • carry in your wallet the amount needed for one day;
  • don’t go to malls “just to look”, look for other entertainment;
  • go shopping in the company of a man (husband or brother), who is indifferent to shopping;
  • learn to save money.

All the best to you!

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